Outflow - True Revival: A Transformative Habitation Of God - Part 2

God's true habitation can only outflow to those who have been crucified and are dead. For He can only inhabit those who have been resurrected from the dead; and there must first be a crucifixion before there is ever a resurrection! If I am crucified with Christ, then I have died to myself, my ambitions, my plans, my desires... my sins, so that the resurrection power and life of Christ will make its habitation in me. Yea, though I am dead, yet am I alive! And the life I now live, I live by the faith of the One who makes His habitation in me! (Gal. 2:20 paraphrased) We must move all of ourselves out, so that He can move all of Himself in. That is the true fullness of His habitation! But our crucifixion can only come when we spend time before our heavenly Father, just as Jesus did, praying: "Not my will, but Your will be done!"

©2011 Richard Lewis Jones

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