Outflow - A Kingdom Mission

During times of great political upheaval on a global and national scale, it is comforting to know that we who are in Christ are not tied to the political systems of this world. We are citizens of another Kingdom that has no beginning and no end. Our Kingdom has its own form of government that is at odds with the political and governmental systems of this world. We are appointed by the gospel to be ambassadors of our Kingdom; we are anointed to be in this world as representatives of our King and His government! And as His ambassadors, He outflows all the power and authority of His government to back us up! But we are not here in this world to draw people to one earthly political party or another; we are here on a mission from God. It is a mission to invite others to join us in our Kingdom, at the foot of the cross, and to gloriously serve our King! As we do, the kingdoms and politics of this world will grow strangely dim.

©2012 Richard Lewis Jones


The Cry of the Martyr's Blood

Be still, and listen to the rise;
The sound of all the martyr's cries
rising up from the blood stained ground
into which their lives are cast,
the seed that falls and dies.

It's the price that must be paid;
a foundation that must be laid
for all who walk the road of hope
the path of healing, of love, of faith;
to the everlasting life they bade.

And though their blood be trampled under foot
by the many who disdain, dishonor, up-root,
all for their own vainglory and selfish right
to gather many for their feasts and lusts;
but never the martyr's blood be moot.

©2012 Richard Lewis Jones