Outflow - Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The outflow of the gifts of the Holy Spirit are for the edification of the believer and for the building up of the body of Christ in order that God's Kingdom may be known and expanded in the world. These gifts are not natural talents but a supernatural empowerment that every believer can confidently expect. It is not a power that is subject to human agendas; instead it is an empowerment that is given by God sovereignly for His mission and purpose in the earth. In His humanity, Jesus was fully empowered by the Holy Spirit to do the miraculous. Today the Holy Spirit empowers us with His gifts so that we can live the incarnate life that points people to Jesus.

©2011 Richard L. Jones


Outflow - The Divine High Calling of Motherhood

God, our Father, brought forth His Son Jesus into the world through the womb of a mother. It was in Mary that He shows motherhood to be a Divine high calling for women. The outflow of God's love for man was poured out through the Holy Spirit when He overshadowed Mary and deposited the Divine, Holy Seed in her. After giving birth to our Savior, Mary raised Jesus up, nurturing Him as only a mother could, knowing that God had a redemptive purpose in Him. And though motherhood is not an easy calling, it is a rewarding one in light of Divine destiny; that God knows each child before they are formed in their mother's womb.

©2011 Richard L. Jones