Outflow - True Revival: A Transformative Habitation Of God - Part 1

The outflow of God's habitation in His Church is to a people who are willing to yield to His will and His Spirit. True revival is something that is often talked about and hoped for, but is rarely experienced in its humbling and transformative fullness. Man can not make revival happen. He might try to hold a special series of meetings in a church or put up a tent somewhere and try to call it a revival, but God can not, and will not, be manipulated into pouring-out a revival; it is a sovereign move of God. But God is looking to-and-fro for a people who's heart is stayed on Him. He is looking for a people who hunger and thirst for His habitation, not just a visitation. And when God inhabits His people, He not only transforms them, but He also transforms everything and everyone around them to the glory of God!

©2011 Richard Lewis Jones

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