Email From John Peel - PRAY!!!

From: John and Jan Peel
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2010 16:46
Subject: New Level Of Violence In Our City

Last night the militia belonging to one of the cartels, moved into our city of Miguel Aleman, across from Roma, Tx., attacked the city's police dept killing approx a half dozen of them and beheading them. Most of the policemen surrendered quickly and were handcuffed or tied up and kidnapped. Others are thought to have escaped across the river into the US. City Hall has been taken over by these pirates and all the elected officials are under house arrest. All 27 public schools are shut down as well as the private ones. I just came back across to Roma for the 2nd time today, but my experience on the streets of my city of Miguel Aleman has been erie to say the least. At this time the strong military presence in town is not moving and I was informed that they are awaiting a large military contingency with even aircraft cover, to take the city back and enforce the rule of law. The big fire-fight is yet in the making.

Prayer requests: (1.) As an organization, we are being told by the Spirit to move quickly. I have spoken to the owner of the powerful, secular radio station in Miguel Aleman concerning daily time to minister the Gospel to the fearful and the needy... we are presently waiting for his response in the next several hours (2.) As soon as we get radio time, we sense that the Lord would have us begin a early evening evangelistic service at the Dream Center, 7 nights per week. (3) Because there is tremendous physical hunger in the city, we will operate a soup kitchen at the Dream Center two meals per day, seven days per week. (4.) that the Lord would supply every person, His holy gifts, to make all this happen on such short notice and that the Lord would provide for the resources to meet every need.

That the light of His love would shine so strongly and that the prophetic Word given numerous times that this would be a Storehouse of His Glory would now be birthed in the middle of chaos and destruction. Aleluya!!!!!!!!!

John Peel


Anonymous said...

Amazing to read the report and your response to the unrest. May God bless and protect you and use this for his glory. May his grace abound. We are praying.

Anonymous said...

This doesn't surprise me the least. I'm not talking about the violence, I mean the way God has his people in the frontlines everywhere. My family is there and I thank you for praying along with us to make that city better. I thank you for feeding the hungry. At the end, God triumphs.

Richard L. Jones said...

I have spent some time ministering in the region between Miguel Aleman and Camargo. I found the people there to be very hungry spriritually and they are very loving people as well. I believe God will do a mighty work there to show Himself strong, just as He did when I was there last and saw Him touch many hearts.

I continue to pray for all my brothers and sisters in Christ that live across the border in the region. I pray for God's holy angels to bring protection and for the Holy Spirit to move on the hearts of the people for complete transformation.