Outflow - Today is All We Have

We cannot act in the unborn future, nor in the dead past, but only in the living present. For today outflows life and death, character and destiny, from its hands. We must learn to live each day by the faith of Christ, challenging and discerning every opportunity for its eternal purpose and meaning. Most miracles in the Bible took place in a brief moment in time, changing the natural course of events, and thus forever altering the destiny of those who were there in that moment. Our lives have the potential to change in the blink of an eye, for good, or for bad. But the past cannot be changed, and the future will yet be determined. Often we will say, "Perhaps some other time", only to find that there is no other time. However, NOW must be the place where we take our stand; today may be all we have. So, therefore, let us bring great glory to our Lord and King while it is still yet today! †††

©2013 Fr. Richard L. Jones

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