Outflow - The Eucharist: Holy and Personal

As we come to the Lord's Table and participate in the Eucharist (communion), we are engaging Christ in a very personal and holy way. Jesus instituted the Sacrament of the Eucharist as a time and place for his Church to set all things aside and receive the outflow of His supernatural presence at the table, as we take into ourselves His very essence through the bread and the wine. These elements represent His Divine nature coming to dwell in us, His Church, as we come into the remembrance of all He has done. It is the Divine mystery of Christ in us, and us in Him. He is our Hope of glory! Through His blood, Christ has given us a better Covenant based on better promises; a new and better way! This all comes together and is consummated in the Eucharist. It is why the Lord's Table becomes so deeply personal.

©2012 Richard Lewis Jones

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