Outflow - Just As He Was, So Are We To Be

Christ gave His Church a command to go into all the world demonstrating His Kingdom through the outflow of His love by all who call Him Lord and who are submitted to Him. When we are submitted to Christ, He fills us to overflowing with rivers of living water that flow out of our bellies into a hurting and dying world in need of life, healing and hope. His love is like a river, full of compassion and grace that demonstrates itself through righteous acts. This means we must be doers and not hearers only, vessels through which His Kingdom can be demonstrated in Spirit and in power! Christ went about preaching, teaching, and healing all who are oppressed of the devil. He gave us the authority to do the same. And just as Christ was, so are we to be in this world; full of truth and grace.

©2012 Richard Lewis Jones

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