Outflow - Obedience Unto Death?

Obedience to God requires all of us who are His to lay down our own agendas, our own ways, and our own ideas, in order that we might receive the outflow of His will in our own lives. Jesus was obedient, even unto death on a cross. By Christ's example of obedience, we are being asked to follow Him in our own obedience, even if it requires great sacrifice. We are called to "love not our own lives even unto death". The early apostles of Jesus were each obedient to His commands to go into all the world and preach the gospel of His Kingdom, and to make disciples of all nations. As they did, they were all persecuted, some even unto death. Are we willing to be obedient to that great an extent? Are we really ready to be obedient to Christ, even if it costs us our lives? It just might!

©2011 Richard Lewis Jones

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Sojourner said...

"Unconditional surrender" (to Christ) is a term I like to use. A lot of people interpret "losing our lives" and other such terms as merely symbolic. I think you are right. Many will be tested. It's easy to "live" for the One who died for us, but are we willing to die for the One who lived for us? Are we really willing to put our lives into His hands? Whatever the cost? Are we willing to examine our level of obedience?