Michigan Police Accused of Honor Killing Cover-up

Michigan Police Accused of Honor Killing Cover-Ups

In Dearborn, Michigan there is a large population of Muslims who have considerable political clout. The past two summers, Christians have been arrested for witnessing at the Dearborn Arab Festival.

The Christians were peacefully engaging in conversations when the Dearborn police falsely arrested them for disturbing the peace. In both cases, the charges were eventually dropped.

Now the Christians are suing the Dearborn Police Department for violating their civil rights. Contained in the lawsuit are explosive allegations from a Dearborn police officer that there have been Muslim honor killings that have been covered up by the police.

Muslims in the US have been convicted for the honor killings of family members.


Help us demand an investigation of the Dearborn police department into the alleged cover-ups. Contact these Michigan Senators from the State Police and Military Affairs subcommittee, and demand that they investigate police corruption in Dearborn Michigan.

Senator Colbeck (R)
Call: (517)373-7350

Senator Pappageorge (R)
Call: (517) 373-2523
Contact online, click here.

Senator Gregory (D)
Call: (517) 373-7888

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