Outflow - Justice, Truth, Liberty, and Righteousness For All Men

OUTFLOW out-flow (out-flo) n. 1. the act of flowing out. 2. that which flows out. 3. any outward movement.

The outflow of a free and sovereign nation must be justice, truth, and liberty to all who dwell therein. To take away any one of those three things will ultimately put people in bondage to the will of those who rule over them. The outflow of God's sovereign kingdom is justice, truth, liberty, and righteousness. All who dwell therein freely submit their will to the will of Him who loves us and who gave His only begotten Son to die on a cross for us; that we would take on His righteousness and walk in the fullness of His justice, truth, and liberty, living in bondage to no man.

©2010 Richard L. Jones

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