Man's Stab Wound Miraculously Healed During Our Homeless Outreach!

By Joy Jones

I want to give written testimony to a miracle that took place last Saturday on the streets of Tulsa by writing and remembering what the Lord has done, and if you want to share with others, it shows how God comes and heals us at our time of greatest need.

A black man who was highly intoxicated staggered up to where we were feeding and ministering during our regular street outreach. Staggering by with a body language that cried desperately for help, he loudly claimed that he didn't want any help, that he wanted to be left alone.

However, the man had just been stabbed 2 blocks away by a another homeless man who tried to rob him. Blood was flowing profusely from where the knife had gashed the palm side of his hand near the base of his thumb. The knife went deep and the meat under his flesh was openly exposed and protruding out of his hand. (Jesus knew what that was like!) A lady from our group named Linda had a first-aid kit with some gauze and made an attempt to bandage his wound. He didn’t want us to call an ambulance, yet he wouldn’t stand still long enough for Linda to properly wrap the gauze around his hand.

The man was belligerent and not wanting help when my husband Rich, pastor of the Uprising, and two other men on the outreach team, John and Jim, walked over and stood by him to minister. In this man’s anger, hurt and hopelessness, he flat out said he wanted to die, yet during the convesation he was quoting scriptures. Rich looked him in the eye (the window of his soul) and spoke … “Well Jesus doesn’t want you to die! He wants you to live and speak forth God’s Word of Life into others!” As Rich continued to encourage him through prophetic prayer, this man totally broke down and cried in his arms. They embraced, prayed and cried together for five or more minutes. It was truly a Holy moment in time and it seemed as though the glory of God was all around them. It was at that point when God imparted His compassion and mercy into the man and he was instantly made sober. All the effects of his drinking were gone. It was visible and the man couldn’t even believe how straight and clear headed he felt. His entire countenance was changed!

The man then asked Rich to come pray over the tent he had put up near the old RT. 66 bridge on the west bank of the Arkansas River. So Rich drove him over to a place near his tent where they could park. One of the other team members and his wife followed in their car just to be safe. As Rich and the man walked the 3-4 blocks back to his tent, the man kept saying that he was no longer drunk but sober.

When they finally arrived at the man’s tent Rich prayed over it and prayed for the man’s safety. At that point the man pulled his injured hand out of the pocket of his insulated jumpsuit. They saw that the bandage had come off the place where he had been stabbed and where the meat of his hand had been coming out. There was dried blood all over his entire hand, but the place where he was stabbed had no blood on it and the skin was as new! God had completely healed the man’s hand!!

Rich and the man, whose name is Lon, had agreed to meet 2 days later at the library. When Rich went to meet Lon, he saw him standing and waiting for him by the Library. Lon was grinning from ear-to-ear and was praising God for the miracle healing of his hand! Lon said later that something happened to him that day, something that changed his life forever. He said that for the first time in many years he knew that someone really loved him. He made a commitment right there to go into alcohol treatment and said he was ready to get his life back on track so that he could serve God and fulfill the destiny that God had for his life.

We give all glory to God our Father and thanks be to our Lord Jesus Christ, for He alone is worthy to be praised!

Please pray for Lon as he seeks the Lord and for his recovery from alcohol addiction.


©2009 Joy Jones

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